We provide a range of integrated services to increase the impact of social investments

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csb philanthropic solutions is focused on identifying, facilitating, coaching, and investing in collaborative initiatives seeking to improve outcomes for low-income communities and communities of color.  

csb philanthropic solutions offers the following primary services, with most projects integrating multiple service areas:


We believe strategic philanthropic investments can help catalyze community change and create lasting impact. That’s why we partner with foundations and philanthropic collaboratives to design and launch new grantmaking initiatives.


We design and facilitate opportunities for leaders to learn together and create new solutions. We also help build communities of practice for individual leaders and teams to address complex, adaptive challenges.


From assisting leaders with formation, structure, and trust-building to developing a shared understanding of root causes, systems change strategies, and collective accountability measures, we’re involved in every phase of partnership building.


"As a woman of color, I always feel safe when you’re facilitating a meeting because you honor my experience and challenge implicit bias whenever you can. You don't just connect; you demonstrate how to name the un-nameable."

– Odetta MacLeish-White, Managing Director, TransFormation Alliance    

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Cassandra is also a professional gap-filler in service of the greater good.

Additional services and capabilities include:

Strategic Grantmaking Development

• Identifying portfolio goals, values, and approach
• Developing grantmaking guidelines
• Designing application, selection, reporting, and evaluation processes

Ongoing Grantmaking Support

• Conducting due diligence
• Reviewing grant and PRI proposals  
• Writing recommendations
• Evaluating grant portfolios

Grantmaker Education and Training

• Facilitating and staffing issue-area funder networks including development of reports, briefings, panels, and site visits
• Providing grantmaking training



Landscape Scans and Issue Area Reports

• Conducting original quantitative and qualitative research, including key stakeholder interviews and focus groups
• Synthesizing existing data to inform initiative efforts, strategic planning, and grantmaking priorities

Organizational Capacity Building

• Assessing organizations
• Facilitating strategic planning
• Developing partnerships and mergers
• Coaching leaders
• Strengthening board governance


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