We design and facilitate opportunities for leaders to learn together and create new solutions

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We help build communities of practice for individual leaders and teams to address complex, adaptive challenges



We co-design sessions with participants and take an applied and emergent approach, using their own goals, current successes, and sticking points as the content.

Our approach combines a mix of:

  • peer learning, support, and leadership

  • results-based accountability and facilitation

  • advancing racial equity in terms of both process and outcomes

  • adaptive and collaborative leadership. 


“From the very beginning, Cassandra played a huge role in shaping Ventures - who we worked with, our overall approach, and, of course, how we gathered together in person. She brought out the strengths in others, was present, objective, and responsive for teams dealing with difficult and complex issues, and showed an unwavering commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. This made her the ideal choice to design and facilitate our Big Tent learning convenings.”

- Jane Erickson, Project Director, Ventures, ReThink Health

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How we design and facilitate peer learning communities

  • Develop overall learning community goals and identify specific individual and team competencies to build

  • Design approach, curriculum, and team composition needed to meet these goals 

  • As initiative progresses, increase the co-design of convenings and specific sessions with peer leadership 

  • Balance programmed and facilitated time with opportunities for team building, rapid iteration, creativity, and open space

  • Engage in continuous feedback, improvement, and adaptation to ensure relevance and effectiveness of sessions

  • Build sustainable systems for participants to connect in between sessions and after the initiative is complete

Read more about our approach and best practices in the field in our collaborator, Mt. Auburn Associate’s, report: “Best Practices in the Design and Implementation of Learning Communities.” 



Learning Communities Project Highlights



Focus Area: Grantmaking Initiatives, Learning Communities, & Cross-Sector Partnerships
Content Area: Climate Equity, Community Development, Health
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CLIENT: ReThink Health

Focus Area:  Grantmaking Initiatives, Learning Communities, & Cross-Sector Partnerships
Content Area:  Community Development, Health
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CLIENT: Living Cities

Focus Area: Cross sector Partnerships; Learning Communities; Grantmaking Initiatives
Content Area: Community Development; Economic Mobility
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