We believe in the power of cross-sector partnerships to create long-term change


Leaders from nonprofit, government, business, philanthropy, and community need to work collaboratively across organizational and sector boundaries in order to address complex challenges 



From assisting leaders with formation, structure, and trust building to developing a shared understanding of root causes, systems change strategies, and collective accountability measures, our work encompasses every phase of partnership building.


“Cassandra easily speaks the languages of both corporate leaders and community advocates. She has hands on experience in the business, community, non-profit and government worlds, which she combines with up-to-the-minute cross-sector partnership leadership skills. She brings strategic thinking about the setting, participants, agenda, meeting outcomes and best way to achieve these to every event. She was a key ingredient working in visible and invisible ways that lifted our cross-sector partnership in King County, Washington to its highest potential.  

– Kirsten Wysen, King County

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How we strengthen cross-sector partnerships

  • Define initial structures, composition, and roles

  • Facilitate team and trust building, including providing tools for working across boundaries and encouraging courageous conversations

  • Develop a shared understanding of the problem with an emphasis on discovering root causes, disaggregating data, and identifying racial and other disparities

  • Identify leverage points and aligned strategies to address issues at systemic levels 

  • Co-design and facilitate partnership meetings and retreats

  • Provide ongoing coaching for collaborative leaders at both staff and governance levels



Cross-Sector Partnership Project Highlights


CLIENT: Partnership for HOPESF

Focus Area: Cross-sector Partnerships
Content Area: Affordable Housing, Economic Mobility, Community Development
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CLIENT: ReThink Health

Focus Area:  Grantmaking Initiatives, Learning Communities, & Cross-Sector Partnerships
Content Area:  Community Development, Health
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CLIENT: College Futures Foundation

Focus Area:  Cross-Sector Partnerships
Content Area:  Education

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Banner Image: King County ReThink Health Ventures Team