Strategic philanthropic investment can help catalyze community change and create lasting impact


We partner with foundations and philanthropic collaboratives to design and launch new grantmaking initiatives



Our work is holistic and most often involves co-designing with the funding institutions, potential grantee partners, and other sectors and systems relevant to the particular initiative goals. 

In some instances, we provide vital design and start-up services and in others we continue providing ongoing project management and implementation support. 



"In managing a $35 million grantmaking initiative, Cassandra and csb philanthropic solutions demonstrated outstanding project management, multi-tasking, and team facilitation skills. With Cassandra’s strong capacity for developing processes and working with a variety of stakeholders, she enabled us to meet tight deadlines and achieve our initiative goals." 

- Erika Poethig, Director of Urban Policy Initiatives, Urban Institute (& former Associate Director for Affordable Housing, MacArthur Foundation)

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How we design, manage, and evaluate grantmaking initiatives

  • Assess needs, conduct environmental scans, and identify strong practices

  • Develop initial goals, approach, and theory of change

  • Design selection criteria, process, and guidelines

  • Manage outreach to potential grantees, including site visits

  • Conduct due diligence, including stakeholder interviews, organizational capacity assessments, and financial health review

  • Facilitate selection process and onboarding of grantee partners

  • Develop and implement evaluation plan, including development of quantitative and qualitative evaluation measures and selection of external evaluators



Grantmaking Initiatives Project Highlights


Client: MacArthur Foundation

Focus Area: Grantmaking Initiative
Content Area: Affordable Housing
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Client: Sonoma Community Foundation

Focus Area: Grantmaking Initiative
Content Area: Affordable Housing
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Client: Living Cities

Focus Area: Cross sector Partnerships; Learning Communities; Grantmaking Initiatives
Content Area: Community Development; Economic Mobility
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Banner Images: Living Cities Integration Initiative